15 Ways To Know You're a Dietitian

 1.  When you run into friends at the grocery store, they strategically eyeball the contents of your shopping cart.
 2.  When you go out to eat, your party waits to see what you order.
 3.  If you have ever dreamt about calories, molecules, the TCA cycle, etc.
 4.  When someone finds out you're a dietitian, you have to hear what they've eaten for the past two weeks.
 5.  You can blame anything on food: "Oh, you're not getting enough ___."
 6.  You can solve anything with food: "Oh, you just need some ___."
 7.  You special order at every restaurant!
 8.  You're either hyper-organized or super un-organized!
 9.  You would be rich if you had a quarter for every time you've explained to a patient that you didn't cook their food.

 10.  You share the same name as the jr. high school  cafeteria workers: "The Food Lady"
 11. People that eat around you start out by saying "I know it's bad".
 12.  You have to make special trips for treats because you wouldn't dare keep any at home.
 13.  You look at others' plates and immediately do a calorie count.
 14.  You duck, in attempt to conceal your identity, if you ever drive or ride through a drive-through.
 15.  You keep family and friends from eating anything  that has been in the "danger zone".
 Source: Aria Trujillo, RD, LD